Elizabeth, the dance

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company presents the world premiere of Elizabeth, the dance, an evening-length work conceived and choreographed by visionary artist Ann Carlson. Built for the concert stage, this full-evening-length collaboration between Carlson and Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is an episodic accumulation of dances that are poignant, surprising, and restrained. It traces personal and public histories through the lens of embodiment, desire, and delight. Elizabeth, the dance is a puzzle, a meditation, and a love letter.

“'Elizabeth' is like a collage by a well-known artist that you might convince yourself you could or would make: so many different components and references that you can clearly identify throughout, yet, strung together in a masterfully unique arc, the effect is truly producible by only that artist."
"Sometimes autobiographical, sometimes abstract, the dance constantly glanced across a soaring range of emotions and qualities. Carlson’s structure laid each performer bare for us, while simultaneously allowing them to exist as a collective unit."
"It’s difficult to talk about the dancing in "Elizabeth" as a whole because so many puzzling and amusing things happened the entire time."
-Amy Falls, loveDANCEmore
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