Return is an evening-length science fiction inspired dance work that imagines our future selves. Conceived and choreographed by Artistic Director Daniel Charon, this futuristic work envisions who we may become as a result of the decisions we make regarding our current interactions with technology. An original score will be created and performed live by the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble. Fashion stylist Laura Kiechle, who created the costumes for the first two sections of the trilogy, will also create original pieces for Return.

About the “Together Alone” trilogy:

Return is the conclusion of the “Together Alone” trilogy, a grouping of work that considers how interaction with technology is fundamentally changing human evolution. Shift (2015), part one of the trilogy, was an examination of existence in a digitally saturated world and how relentless connection can actually lead to new types of solitude. Part two, Enter (2016), was inspired by imagining the premise of an abstracted existence within the vastness of a new, digitally generated ecosystem. It considered who we are within the immense openness of a borderless digital landscape – a space where one can be anonymous, real, or imaginary. Part three, Return, will consider the repercussions of our current state of existence and how the exponential growth of digital technology is having a profound impact on personal and shared identities. This final section of the trilogy will explore how current technology’s control over connection is impacting our future by keeping us unwittingly disconnected. This abstract journey presented by “Together Alone,” challenges us to re-find our authentic human selves and to consider what that means. It highlights how true physical connection is imperative for us to thrive as a species.

Parts 1 and 2 of the trilogy received City Weekly’s 2016 Best of Utah Arts award for best choreography.

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