the live creature and ethereal things

The Live Creature & Ethereal Things is an all-ages production that emphasizes the importance of telling our own stories. Through dance, a gaggle of bird friends called The Jolly Troop (yes, that troop), help each other to find and share their stories with a singing and narrating ornithologist. The leader of the Jolly Troop, Red Fred, will keep your audience on their toes... LITERALLY! And stories in English and Spanish will excite a lot of imaginations.

This magical world features original direction & choreography by Artistic Director, Daniel Charon; original script and lyrics by Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory; an original score by John Paul Hayward; original costumes & makeup by designer Jared Gold; and characters and stories from the Red Fred Project (founded by Executive Director, Dallas Graham)-- all Utah-based artists and companies!

Supplemental K-12 education materials are available.

Additional support provided by Mary Jane O'Connor, the Price Family Foundation, and Zions Bank. Music commissioned by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation

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